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Thoughts on the first meeting of Young Greens North

To start with it was absolutely excellent to meet some Greens of my own age, considering the fact that I am the youngest green in my local party; by a significant margin.

I probably enjoyed constitution writing more than people are supposed to, but the debate surrounding the writing was fantastic. It is amazing to be with like minded people so that you can debate whether to use AV or STV and exactly how much positive discrimination to include.  You know when a meeting opens with a reminder about privilege that that you’re in the right place (although they did forget to mention strait privilege). The constitution is certainly incomplete.  There was no clause guaranteeing the accessibility of the meeting locations and not enough positions of authority (2 people cannot run Young Greens North by themselves).  I hope there will be a follow up meeting to sort out the finer details: not least because the meeting was amazing.

The talks we received from 2 MEP candidates (Peter Cranie and Andrew Cooper) and Hope Not Hate.  These were all very optimistic and inspiring whilst being realistic.  They also had a fantastic discussion with us about the role of social media. Personally I think it is more important than the candidates were suggesting but that is probably a generational thing. 

Hope not Hate in particular laid out an exceptional blue print for a future of less sectarian inter-party relations and a better way for parties to interact with each other. They displayed a far better way of dealing with the rise of the far right than the methods displayed by UAF  (Unite Against Fascism) and I hope I can help them in the future.

In the evening, I was exposed to my total ignorance about campaigning .  Particularly in relation to the bigger picture and target to win seats. I was surprised to learn that, despite the fact I had been told by other members of my local party that is was not worth knocking on the doors of non voters, other young greens say that they have a roughly 50% success rate with non-voters.  There was significant talk about technology used for campaigning, which I frankly did not find interesting at all, especially since the constitution that we drafted earlier that day mentioned no role for Young Greens North in providing technology for its members.

Over all an incredibly interesting event which significantly increased my twitter following and had good sandwiches.  Hope Not Hate were in my opinion, by far the best guests there and I look forward to attending their events in the future. I also hope to spend more time with the amazing (is the green party left-wing enough for comrades?) greens I met there, who were all phenomenal people as far as I can tell.

Young Greens North seems like an awesome organisation and I am exceptionally proud to be a part of it from the start. 


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One thought on “Thoughts on the first meeting of Young Greens North

  1. It was great to see so many of you there. It fills me with optimism that we will make the breakthrough in the north of England this time, both in the NW and Y+H.

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