Random Girl With Internet Access

I believe I am what they call "bleeding heart"

About Me and my blog

ME: I am a teenage girl living in English Suburbia. I enjoy reading, walking, writing, wasting time on fan-fiction  wasting time on youtube ,being a humanities ( or if you are indeed American – liberal arts) nerd, and being in the sixth-form. I cant wait to get away from home and go to university.

MY BLOG: This blog will contain anything I want it to because it is my blog. This will likely include: leftwing politics,  hatred of the coalition government, feminism, dislike of homophobia (lexical gap?), books I have enjoyed, history , and random, pointless facts. Most of these posts I will write myself but I will probably post youtube videos that I find interesting and link to other blogs.


One thought on “About Me and my blog

  1. Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say that you’re very prolific for your age – you’ll do well. Have fun in university! x

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