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“Scratch a cyni…

“Scratch a cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist” – Gorge Calin

Just heard Calin say this watching a youtube video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ky0ml2ZNHg (the quote is in the second half which begins at 3:50)

Love Gorge Calin. He is like an awsome quote machine.


Phycology at work

Freudian slips be going down- keep writing Cameron in my essay where I mean Clegg

Top ten photos ( in no particular order) number 7

Top ten photos ( in no particular order) numer 7

Che, just chillin’ and having some lols with his buddy fidel. I think its really interesting to see such important historical figures in such a casual setting

TOP TEN PHOTOS (in no particular order)- Number Eight

TOP TEN PHOTOS (in no particular order)- Number Eight

this is Kim Phuc- the girl running naked down to road in the famous picture of vietnam. I had always assumed that she died but this is her- alive and well today 🙂

Top 10 photos (in no particular order)- number 9

Top 10 photos- number 9

Couldn’t have a top 10 awesome photos without the aurora borealis and the earth from space- so hears both at once

top 10 photos (in no particular order) NUMBER 10

top 10 photos NUMBER 10

some canadian teenagers managed to put a lego man in space! I chose this particular photo because I like the way the earth looks in the background. 🙂

Continuous Prose on writers block- leading to an awesome idea

I got nothing…

So at the end of the term (or if you are indeed American: Semester) I promised myself that I could leave all my school work until after Christmas if I posted a long article on my blog every day. And today… I got nothing. I realise now that I picked a really stupid time to commit myself to a post a day, because I feel that every fecking post ought to be Christmassy. I’ll come up with an idea like “I could write about the pros and cons of communism” and then think – well that’s not very Christmassy. I haven’t really even done anything particularly productive with the time I should have spent writing. I mean I wrote the first two paragraphs of an article on celebrating Christmas as an atheist but it didn’t even go anywhere. I thought to write about gun control in America. I mean it’s not exactly seasonal but it’s topical. But I wouldn’t really be writing any thing anyone had before. Just the typical  “guns don’t kill people but they do help, the second amendment was written during a post revolution climate in which bears where a constant threat and semi-automatic wasn’t a thing, do you really think that the second amendment trumps the “right to life” bit” stuff. So yeah, I spent the day, on Facebook, watching YouTube, making a gingerbread house, wrapping presents and looking at cloths on the Republic website. Wait… I just got a great idea I will bring you the 25 COOLEST PHOTOS I CAN FIND ON THE INTERWEBS. Stay tuned.


Just concerned that I ask Santa for a yellow Christmas present, I’ll get blue :0P 

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