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Thoughts on the first meeting of Young Greens North

To start with it was absolutely excellent to meet some Greens of my own age, considering the fact that I am the youngest green in my local party; by a significant margin.

I probably enjoyed constitution writing more than people are supposed to, but the debate surrounding the writing was fantastic. It is amazing to be with like minded people so that you can debate whether to use AV or STV and exactly how much positive discrimination to include.  You know when a meeting opens with a reminder about privilege that that you’re in the right place (although they did forget to mention strait privilege). The constitution is certainly incomplete.  There was no clause guaranteeing the accessibility of the meeting locations and not enough positions of authority (2 people cannot run Young Greens North by themselves).  I hope there will be a follow up meeting to sort out the finer details: not least because the meeting was amazing.

The talks we received from 2 MEP candidates (Peter Cranie and Andrew Cooper) and Hope Not Hate.  These were all very optimistic and inspiring whilst being realistic.  They also had a fantastic discussion with us about the role of social media. Personally I think it is more important than the candidates were suggesting but that is probably a generational thing. 

Hope not Hate in particular laid out an exceptional blue print for a future of less sectarian inter-party relations and a better way for parties to interact with each other. They displayed a far better way of dealing with the rise of the far right than the methods displayed by UAF  (Unite Against Fascism) and I hope I can help them in the future.

In the evening, I was exposed to my total ignorance about campaigning .  Particularly in relation to the bigger picture and target to win seats. I was surprised to learn that, despite the fact I had been told by other members of my local party that is was not worth knocking on the doors of non voters, other young greens say that they have a roughly 50% success rate with non-voters.  There was significant talk about technology used for campaigning, which I frankly did not find interesting at all, especially since the constitution that we drafted earlier that day mentioned no role for Young Greens North in providing technology for its members.

Over all an incredibly interesting event which significantly increased my twitter following and had good sandwiches.  Hope Not Hate were in my opinion, by far the best guests there and I look forward to attending their events in the future. I also hope to spend more time with the amazing (is the green party left-wing enough for comrades?) greens I met there, who were all phenomenal people as far as I can tell.

Young Greens North seems like an awesome organisation and I am exceptionally proud to be a part of it from the start. 


Why I am Now a Green

On Wednesday I joined the green party. Whilst I have considered it before, it was a pretty impromptu decision made after a day in which I was reminded of my lack of proper political participation several times. I have long felt that the Greens are amazing, so at the end of that day I joined. The reasons why the Greens are amazing are numerous.


The first and foremost is there commitment to nationalisation. The greens will buy back out public transport services bit buy bit. This will provide fantastic opportunities to make these services more accessible and efficient.  It seems strange that although every one of my tory friends thinks that the trains should be re-nationalised we are the only party who promises this.


I also love the green party’s prioritisation of the environment. Let’s be realistic; there is always going to be some issue, which seems more significant. We are frogs being slowly boiled (I know the guy who did that experiment lobotomised the slow boiling frogs but the point still stands) and I honestly believe that parliament, with the potential to affect policy, is the best way to do this. Imagine how far we would have come if every member of “Greenpeace” or “Friends of the Earth” were in the Green Party.


The Greens also manage to fit together environmental policy with other areas, such as a commitment to creating jobs in green industries which not only create more jobs than there unsustainable predecessors but that can continue well into the future.


The Greens recognise that austerity isn’t working. To be honest it looks to me like the Tories are just using the recession as an excuse to do things they have wanted to do for ages. Raising tuition fees. Buying n private services for the NHS. Putting a means test on legal aid. The Labour Party lost all the remaining drops of respect that I had for them when they endorsed austerity. Austerity is not working. Maybe the economy has improved slightly, but food bank use is still on the rise, this “growth” has not reached those who need it most.


The Greens not only care about liberation issues but have put theory into practice, having more women in their leadership than any other party that I know of.


So overall I have joined the Greens because they care about the planet and the people. The greens are committed to building an economy, which will be sustainable into the future. Do I agree with every single thing, which the Greens stand for? No there policies on GMOs are not ideal. But I have joined because on a basic level the greens stand for fairness and Fair Is Worth Fighting For. 

You can now ask me anything

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“Am I a …” Solving Everyone’s Probelms

I decided it would be fun to type, “Am I a/an” followed by a letter into Google, choose the suggested question I feel most confidant to answer and help the word solve its problems! So here goes…

“Am I an Atheist?”

Considering the fact that you are Googling it, I would say you are an agnostic.

“Am I a Bad Person?”

If you are pondering it probably not. The fact that you are worried that you are a bad person shows that you feel remorse for any of the bad things that you have done, so despite the fact that you may have made some mistakes I think you are fundamentally a good person.

At this point so many of the “c’s” are hilarious that I’m going to do a few per letter if it takes my fancy, this is my blog after all

“Am I a Canadian citizen?”

If you were I think you would know about it, considering that you would either have been born a Canadian or would have gone though a long and difficult proses to become one.  So I’m going to say no to that.

“Am I a Communist?”

If you believe that all wealth should be held in commune (i.e. Owned by everyone), then, yes you are a communist. If you only think some things should be in commune then you are a socialist. If you think there should be no ownership or authority at all then you are an anarchist. If you are worried about being a communist/socialist then Google “red scare” and find out why people have such an issue with us.

“Am I a California resident?”

Go to your house. Turn on a GPS or map app on a smartphone. If you are in California then you are a California resident.

“Am I a Demigod?”

Yes, yes you are.

“Am I an Evil Person?”

Depends how you define “evil”

“Am I a Feminist?”

“Feminist” is a pretty large umbrella term so if you are Googling it then you probably are. Welcome to the club!

“Am I a first time buyer?”

Well have you bought before?


“Am I a good friend quiz”

If it troubles you then you probably are

“Am I a Hipster?”

No, hipsters may never call themselves hipsters?

“Am I an idiot?”

Probably not there are many different types of intelligence and you probably possess at least one

“Am I a Jew?”

Ask your mum. (I would just like to point out that further down the list was a request for “am a I Jew quiz”)

“Am I a kleptomaniac?”

How did you get a hold of the computer you Googled that on?

“Am I a Libertarian?”

Imagine you’re a lifeguard an you see someone drowning. Would you help them? If so then no. However if you would expect the water, the other swimmers or the drowning person themselves to sort it out, then you might just be a libertarian.

“Am I a medium?”

If you are too small for a large but to large for a small then I would highly suspect that you are a medium.

“Am I a Miss or a Ms?”

Whichever you like best.

“Am I a Nihilist?”

Was there really any point in Googling that?

“Am I not pretty enough?”

I disagree with the premise of your question.


“Am I a one per center?”

Statistically its unlikely, but its not being in the one per cent which is important, it is how you react to being in the one per cent.

“Am I an organ donor?”

I don’t know whom you should ask about this but I doubt its Google.

“Am I a Panda or a Dog”

Either way I’m impressed that you can type.

“Am I quitter?”
Quitting is an action not a character trait. Despite the fact that coaches and teachers will endlessly repeat “winners never quit and quitters never win”, this is an overgeneralization. Sometimes quitting is an integral part of winning. For example a General may choose to concede a battle, which s/he is loosening, in order to preserve the lives of soldiers to win the war. Or an author might stop writing one book in order to start on a better idea. Giving up on everything will reap no rewards, but neither will sticking with everything. You need to find a balance.


“Am I a recluse?”

If you’re wondering then you’re probably somewhere on the spectrum but bare in mind you get to decide weather you are going to be a recluse or not.

“Am I a stalker?”

If you need to ask, you’re treading a dangerous line.

“Am I tomboy?”

Don’t try to slot your personality into a shiny box. The box isn’t real, it wont make you happy and it’s a waste of time.

“Am I a unicorn?”


“Am I a unicorn quiz”

Oh my … Seriously?!

Am I a virgin”

I’m speaking from a place of little experience but I’d say it really depends what you define as sex. “Virginity” seems to me like a social construct coming from an era when women were seen as property. A sort of way of saying “I have one woman here … unused!”. The way we see the loss virginity is also very hetronormative, most people see it as “penis in vagina” but that basically implies that lesbians, gays and intersex people can never loose their virginity. Witch is stupid. So I’ll say it’s arbitrary. I once heard someone say, “Virginity is a concept invented by men, who thought that their penises were so powerful that they could fundamentally change who a woman is”

“Am I a writer?”

If you want to be one then probably. I’m sure you can at least grow into one.

“Am I a wolf?”

I haven’t posted them all because it would get boring but the number of people wondering what species they are is starting to concern me. I think if you are using Google you are at least part of the Ape family.

Only one thing came up for x and I’m not entirely sure what it means so I’m going to skip it

“Am I a YouTube partner?”
You have to sign a contract- you would know

“Am I a zombie?”
You might be a metaphorical zombie, if you spend all you’re time on your phone or the Internet or watching TV

End notes: There you go, I did realise around “R” that I should have gone for a more open type of question but it was too far gone by then. I was seriously struck by the number of people who wanted the Internet to tell them what their religion or political ideology is or indeed where they lived. I was tempted with all of these but it would have become boring considering that there was one for almost every letter. All I can say to these is, if you don’t know what religion you are then you’re not a strong enough believer for it to even matter, you can probably ask your next door neighbour about where you live and as for political ideology- this should help – http://www.politicalcompass.org/test. I was waaaaaaay down in the bottom left corner. 


BOOM ! We win!!!! Disney faces backlash over new “sexy” Merida; pulls new image from web site as a result. http://rebeccahains.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/disney-faces-backlash/

Lenin was still…

Lenin was still in bed, and the kindly expression of his face was tinged with a justifiable amazement. ~ Leon Trotsky

sometimes things are just better if you take them out of context


“Ding dong the witch is dead” reached number 2 in the BBC charts. Yet the BBC refuse to play it during their charts due to the fact that it has been purchased mainly in celebration of Margret Thatcher’s Death… and so the white washing continues.

This decision by the BBC is, in my opinion, completely unacceptable.  I go back and forth on the issue of celebrating the death of Margret Thatcher. On the one hand she embodied an ideology, which I despise on a molecular level, however at the point of her death she was a woman in her 80s who couldn’t even remember her time in office.

But weather or not it is “polite” or “shows decorum” to listen to this song in celebration is irrelevant. The BCC is not supposed to act politically and in doing this they are acting politically, endorsing an ideology, which many love and many others hate. Some people are mourning like it was Diana others are celebrating like it was Hitler and many more are somewhere in the middle. The latter two have been accused of a “lacking respect” any time they open their mouths this past week.

The people who work on this show may have thought that they would have exempt themselves from any political hubbub, but it seems their wish has not been granted. This is an issue of free speech and if a branch of UK politics manages to get a song to number 2 in the charts it should be played in the charts show

Lets not forget the campaign against this song is coming from the conservative wing of the country (apart from Nigel Farage, who, to my surprise, believes the song should be played), most of whom despise any form of political correctness and think the Levinson report went to far.

The target audience of the charts show is 16-24 year olds. My age group. We have seen the fawning on the BBC. The “I disagreed with her but I respected her conviction’s” the “Britain wouldn’t be the same without hers” my generation deserves to hear the other side of the story and this is nothing more than a cover up.

The carts show is first and foremost a historical record. Its entertainment value is of secondary function. It is used to track shifts in our musical tastes and the rise and fall of superstars.  When people look back on Thatcher’s legacy it is important to know that “ding dong the witch is dead” reached number 2 the week she died. It’s an important element of the way she was perceived. There has been a despicable white wash, a glorification of her legacy. People have been on the telly talking as if there isn’t a single person left who doesn’t agree with her ideas. It’s mental.

The BBC should do their job and just play the goddamn song. Regardless of if it shows decorum or is respectful or if it isn’t.

Well will you look at that?

Well will you look at that?

Of course this works. Victim blaming is horrible and contributes to the problem. This is good progress- well done Canada


top 25 photos is being reduced to 10- its way harder and more time consuming than I expected

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