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Recruitment and Openness In the Green Party

On the 17th of august, the first conference of the Youth Greens’ of the North of England will be held. I asked if I would be allowed to bring someone along and was told that said person would have to be a member of the Green Party. This took me by surprise, especially since I have been allowed to attend the social Liberal Forum Conference with the aforementioned person.


When a political party is in desperate need of expansion, like say…the green party (just as an arbitrary example). It is vitally important that they do not shut off potential new members. By this I mean barring them from aiding the party, attending meetings or from otherwise interacting with the party.


What do we think that they will have some kind of corrupting influence on our party members? That their mere presence will turn us all into Thatcherites?


The membership of the major parties is falling like a block of lead that has just been pushed out of a blimp and these lost souls would make ideal green recruits!! Especially since the main complaint that you hear about the “left wing” parties of the UK is that they are drifting to close to the Tories.


Surely a tiny baby party like the Greens should be saying to its members “bring people to our conferences!!” that way they can listen to our speakers and ask questions. It would be the ideal way to bust the myth that we are a single-issue party or a political wing of Friends of the Earth. It would allow people who are thinking about joining us to make up their minds rather than deliberating over it like I did for two years!


Why does a party so desperate for membership that it literally asks the local council about re-tarmacking individual streets and replacing individual post boxes respond to an offer of help from a Lib Dem, who had already helped set up a student Green branch and is an expert in social media, with a “We have pretty clear rules about this kind of thing so I’ll have to politely decline”? This makes no sense whatsoever!!


If we are going to grow as a party a good chunk of the events of our party ought to be open to the public. The false impression that we are a single-issue party can be wiped away with contact with the public. And that contact could take place door to door. But particularly with regards to young people, who will be far more interested in the ideology of a party than its local projects, it could also take place at party events.


Why I am Now a Green

On Wednesday I joined the green party. Whilst I have considered it before, it was a pretty impromptu decision made after a day in which I was reminded of my lack of proper political participation several times. I have long felt that the Greens are amazing, so at the end of that day I joined. The reasons why the Greens are amazing are numerous.


The first and foremost is there commitment to nationalisation. The greens will buy back out public transport services bit buy bit. This will provide fantastic opportunities to make these services more accessible and efficient.  It seems strange that although every one of my tory friends thinks that the trains should be re-nationalised we are the only party who promises this.


I also love the green party’s prioritisation of the environment. Let’s be realistic; there is always going to be some issue, which seems more significant. We are frogs being slowly boiled (I know the guy who did that experiment lobotomised the slow boiling frogs but the point still stands) and I honestly believe that parliament, with the potential to affect policy, is the best way to do this. Imagine how far we would have come if every member of “Greenpeace” or “Friends of the Earth” were in the Green Party.


The Greens also manage to fit together environmental policy with other areas, such as a commitment to creating jobs in green industries which not only create more jobs than there unsustainable predecessors but that can continue well into the future.


The Greens recognise that austerity isn’t working. To be honest it looks to me like the Tories are just using the recession as an excuse to do things they have wanted to do for ages. Raising tuition fees. Buying n private services for the NHS. Putting a means test on legal aid. The Labour Party lost all the remaining drops of respect that I had for them when they endorsed austerity. Austerity is not working. Maybe the economy has improved slightly, but food bank use is still on the rise, this “growth” has not reached those who need it most.


The Greens not only care about liberation issues but have put theory into practice, having more women in their leadership than any other party that I know of.


So overall I have joined the Greens because they care about the planet and the people. The greens are committed to building an economy, which will be sustainable into the future. Do I agree with every single thing, which the Greens stand for? No there policies on GMOs are not ideal. But I have joined because on a basic level the greens stand for fairness and Fair Is Worth Fighting For. 

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